Air Conditioner Replacement in Lake Charles, LA 70601

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“If you are reading my review to help you decide if you should select Trouth for your HVAC problem, then my opinion is most definitely Trouth will be a great choice. This past August our almost 50 year old system completely died. Go figure. Having never been responsible for solving this kind of dilemma I did a lot of Google research. I also did the due diligence of contacting 3 contractors. Choosing the right contractor is primary. The brands are close in their various ratings. Several Google sites agreed that Trane is a leader in their selectivity of contractors to carry their HVAC products. Rusty Trouth is a factory trained "Trane Comfort Specialist". This is significant. He did an energy survey of our house's square footage, window exposure to sun, venting, electrical, etc. Rusty is the most relaxed, personable sales rep I think I've ever enjoyed working with. He will present the facts and offer YOU to decide. Trouth's crew had to deal with my replacement unit in 90+ temperatures. We don't control when these mechanical things decide to quit. Troy had a squad of co-workers(no shortage here) and they did a great job. These young men were all well trained, focused on the job, courteous, and brought no loud music to distract me or them. The old system was hauled off completely by them. Nothing was put on the street for the city. It was turn key.
One key to my selection of Trouth is that their family operates, in addition to the HVAC company, a plumbing company, and a remodeling company. That told me if the AC team had a problem then they also had expertise available to fix anything that arose.
This review ran a little long(also late) but hopefully you can tell we feel very pleased; we also view Trouth as friends, and a team we can depend on in the future.
Good Luck,

– Randall T.

Air Conditioner Installation in Westlake, LA 70669

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“1010 Hickman St, I'd like to express my appreciation for the excellent installation of my new Trane unit. I was apprehensive at first since they appeared younger than my grandson, but I can assure you they worked as a team. They conducted themselves in a professional manner, answered any questions I had and left me with an outstanding installation. Please pass along my "Thanks" for a job well done.”

– Bob C.

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